3 week course


    West Michigan CDL’s most popular truck driver training program is unlike any other. We believe that learning to drive a Commercial Motor Vehicle happens behind the wheel, not in a classroom talking about it, or utilizing videos and simulators. Whereas many schools start you off with 1-2 weeks of classroom training before you step foot in a truck, at WMCDL you will begin driving on your very first day.

    With less time spent reading text books during training, and more time spent on the road, mastering the safe maneuvering of the truck and trailer, you will graduate our CDL training program with more hands-on, behind-the-wheel experience than any other student from any other school in the MidWest.

    Why take our 3 Week Course? This course provides you with the most drive-time, which will best prepare you for your new career in the trucking industry. Our curriculum gives you the most local, regional, and OTR employment opportunities.

    Some trucking companies have a minimum number of hours that is required in order to meet their standards for employment. Our 3 Week Course is recognized by almost all trucking companies for reaching their skills and experience requirements as an entry-level truck driver.


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