If you are not sure what type of Commercial Drivers’ License you will need, call us and we will be happy to assist you with determining what license you will require.

    (Please note all possible CDL restrictions listed at the bottom of this page)

    Below is a list of classes of vehicles to give you an idea of what you may need. We offer state-of-the-art vehicles for rent for both Class A and Class B skills tests.f

    All three parts must be passed for an applicant to earn their Commercial Driver’s License.

    Vehicle Pre-Trip Inspection
    Applicant must demonstrate how to perform a thorough vehicle inspection by pointing to or touching the items he/she is inspecting and explaining to the examiner what they are inspecting that particular item for.

    Maneuverability “Skills”
    The applicant must maneuver his/her vehicle through three different coned maneuvers in as few mistakes as possible. Points are scored by crossing over boundary lines, and doing pull-ups. The applicant tries to maneuver through the exercises without acquiring points. The more points, the worse your score; the fewer points, the better.

    There are three maneuvers the applicant may be asked to complete. They are Straight Line Backing, Offset Back Right or Left, and Alley Dock.

    Road Test
    The applicant will drive on actual public streets, roads, and freeways while demonstrating their ability to safely operate a commercial motor vehicle. Again, the fewer the points, the better the applicant’s score, and the higher the points, the worse the applicant’s score.

    Applicants should refer to the Michigan CDL Drivers Manual for more detail and direction to the parts of the test.

    There are several new restrictions that all CDL applicants should be aware of before taking their CDL Skills Test. All restrictions can be lifted off the CDL by once again completing the entire CDL Skills Test in the appropriate vehicle equipped with the component not present during the initial test.

    E — Not valid to operate a Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) equipped with manual transmission

    L — Not valid to operate a CMV equipped with air brakes

    Z — Not valid to operate a CMV equipped with full air brakes

    M — Not valid to operate Group A passenger CMV

    N — Not valid to operate Group A or B passenger CMV

    O — Not valid to operate Group A tractor-trailer combination connected by fifth-wheel CMV (pickup truck with a goose neck trailers are not exempt from this rule)


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